Answering Machine Wav Sounds

Here you can find some of the funniest free answer machine messages from your favorite cartoon and movie celebrities.

Download them to replace your standard answering machine message (leave a message after the tone, etc). Comical messages are a must to impress your friends on either your landline or mobile!

01 - Rap
A rap song for all the rappers out there

File size 78KB - Duration 00:20

02 - Flintstones
Listen you rockhead, quit calling this number...

File size 67kb - Duration 00:27

03 - Britney Spears
Hi this is Britney Spears, sometimes my friend...

File size 51kb - Duration 00:21

04 - Homer Simpson
Hello, you've reached the home of whoever you're...

File size 49kb - Duration 00:20

05 - Star Trek
This is science officer Spock, currently there are no...

File size 39kb - Duration 00:16

06 - Garfield
Hi this is Garfield and nobody can come to right now...

File size 24kb - Duration 00:10

07 - Austin Powers
Like no one is home baby, leave a message after...

File size 49kb - Duration 00:20

08 - Mr Sandman
Mr Sandman, please call again, or at the beep...

File size 256kb - Duration 00:23

09 - Bugsy
Oh hello, there's nobody home right now, in fact that's...

File size 54kb - Duration 00:27

10 - Mission Impossible
Hello caller, your mission should you choose to accept...

File size 52kb - Duration 00:21

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